About Us

With customer service in California and production in Bangladesh, Proactive Media offers a winning combination. Clients are now able to have their needs clearly understood yet still benefit from the efficiencies of the dedicated hardworking employees living in Bangladesh.

Since there is a twelve-hour time difference between USA MDT and the Bangladesh time zone, projects can be worked upon around the clock. Normal turnaround is 24 hours with rush and economy service available.

As an international enterprise, Proactive Media will continue to evolve and offer additional services to accommodate client needs. For updates, be sure to please visit our website often at www.proactive-media.com.



After serving management positions at several image editing graphics companies located in Bangladesh, Mr. Dewan Shuvo moved to San Francisco in June 2012 to form a new company called PROACTIVE MEDIA.

In July 2012, to help fulfill the big goal of providing US standard of service for their state-side clients, Proactive Media establish a partnership agreement with Mr. Charles Cunningham, CEO Prepress, Inc., a San Francisco printing and graphics company established in 1984.

Mr. Shuvo and Mr. Cunningham first met in Bangladesh in 2005 having been introduced by Dr. R. K. Molla, a professor of printing at the West Virginia Institute of Technology. Dr. Molla also published a book called Electronic Color Separation, which become an industry standard for graphics and color theory.

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